About us
Gallimoto Factory Works is specialized in manufacturing custom-derived Triumph motorcycles.

Our decades of experience allows us to work on Hinckley models with absolute dedication to knowledge gained through direct experimentation.
The system of work that we use comes from a consideration that is our starting point: all the bikes intended for mass production must meet certain requirements in respect of legislation and to cost issue must be accessible to more users.
All this inevitably leads to significant compromises in style, quality of components and ultimately the end result. Our work begins at this stage, via the revisiting in a more personal aesthetic trying not to alter the characteristics of the original project.
Green light to the emotional aspects, therefore, the search for exclusive details, the choice of different colors that enhance the forms but also consistency in the use of appropriate materials, attention to detail and development of components to accentuate the dynamic qualities of the base.
Returning to the concept of custom-dear to us because the result of what we realize in the end leads to this: a motorcycle nice to see (and to be admired) personal and unique but also enjoyable and fun to drive daily.
We therefore call on those customers sensitive to the value added in terms of special equipment or special exclusive that an approach like our, made of passion but also of method, precision and organization of work makes possible.
Our models are brand new, are guaranteed for 24 months and follow the normal scheduled maintenance for the stock models.
Finally, for those who want to prepare his motorcycle we are available to assess different solutions with the customer. In this regard do not hesitate to contact us to define a timetable and action required for processing.

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